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Vision is a great and wonderful gift, both physical and intellectual. While a photograph can show us nothing more than we can see with our own eyes, I like my photographs to show how much more we can perceive. Nature is full of art. The beauty, mystery and emotive profoundness of landscapes and nature drive my vision and have inspired me to pursue my interest in photography. I am deeply fascinated by the world around me and I try to convey this fascination to you through my photography. My photography aims to find a balance in the aesthetics and emotions portrayed in a scene to facilitate the appropriate emotive reaction in you. I love to travel and capture the essence and sense of being in these places. I will be delighted to extend my creativity to capture your special moments as I pursue photography in the years ahead! Come join me in this celebration of life!!!

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Brendan Dias, 17, Chapel Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050.

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