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Slide Testimonials The way you taught us online was excellent! I have developed a lot of confidence to edit the photos in Photoshop. Looking forward to learn more from you!
– Dr Suresh Raut, Mumbai
The lectures, presentations and display etc. were certainly excellent, knowledge imparting. Repetitive explanations given for difficulties raised by class mates were painstakingly and patiently handled by you. Found your guidance inspire imagination towards creativity…which should be like a spark in any photographer.
– Sunil Mohile, Mumbai
I would definitely recommend everyone to take up his classes.
Brendan sir taught us Photoshop in very simple language. He explained the concepts , then the techniques. We were also given assignments to complete. We were allowed to participate, ask doubts (however silly it was). Brendan sir would patiently hear us out and answer the questions. Apart from photoshop he gave his advice on the hardware specifications required to run photoshop. I would definitely recommend everyone to take up his classes.
- Chanchal Bawankule, Mumbai

Slide In this course you will learn how to professionally process and manipulate images using easy but powerful techniques. It lays the foundation for you to pursue more advanced features of image editing to take your learning to the next level. Total duration is 24 hours.
Sessions in multi hour intervals.
Flexible schedule.
Course Duration Call/SMS: +91 9769333474
Scheduling & Fees Requirements
There are no requirements to take this course – everything will be explained so that anyone can learn and harvest the benefits of image processing.

Slide Learning Adobe Photoshop CC will enable you to: Create Infographics, Website Designs/Mockups, Animations, Graphics, Textures and Pattern, Posters, Albums etc Create fabulous images and content for Advertisement, Social Media, Websites, Publications etc. Photographers, Graphic artists, Website UI builders, Social Media content creators will greatly benefit from this course. Edit and retouch images like the pros! Take your portraits to the next level - reach your full creative potential. About the Course

Slide Sets a good foundation for you to pursue higher levels of image processing. This course will be taught based on image editing concepts. Professionally edit your images in a truly short period of time. What makes this course stand out from the rest? Taught using a systematic and lucid process. Complex topics are made very easy to understand and use. Most importantly it is interactive, so you can have your queries resolved immediately.

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Basic Concepts
Working with Layers
Transforming Images
Dodging & Burning
Type & Layout
Manipulating Color
Brushes & Patterns
Black & White
HDR & Filters
Image Composites
Smart Object Workflow
Course Content

Slide Brendan Dias Brendan Dias is a self-taught professional photographer and trainer with more than 15 years of experience in photography and 25 years in training. He is the recipient of the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 Trophy awarded by the Photographic Society of India (PSI), Mumbai, India’s premier and prestigious institution in the field of photography. His talks and training programs have been well received by junior and senior photographers especially in the area of image processing. He has also judged photography competitions with commentary for PSI and other institutions. He specializes in Landscape, Travel, Realistic HDR and Wedding photography. He conducts courses in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Photography and also teaches all levels of photo editing using Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom and Photoshop. He has immense experience in the field of Information Technology as well as Digital Asset Management, having worked for Fritolay (Asia Pacific) in Singapore and Banco Santander in Switzerland. Having more than 25 years of experience in the area of training and his ability to teach complex concepts with simplicity, makes learning a pure joy. His humorous and light-hearted attitude in training makes it a fun experience. About Brendan Dias